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Brown Curly Hair With Highlights: Tips, Trends, And Ideas

Written by Ben Javu Jan 10, 2023 ยท 3 min read
Brown Curly Hair With Highlights: Tips, Trends, And Ideas

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Brown curly hair with highlights is a popular hairstyle trend that has been gaining momentum for a while now. It is a great way to add dimension to your hair and make it look more interesting. Whether you have natural curls or you use a curling iron, adding highlights can help you achieve that perfect sun-kissed look. In this article, we will discuss some tips, trends, and ideas for brown curly hair with highlights in 2023.

Why Choose Brown Curly Hair with Highlights?

Brown curly hair with highlights is the perfect hairstyle for those who want to add some depth and dimension to their hair. The highlights can help bring out your natural curls and add some texture to your hair. It is also a great way to experiment with different colors without committing to a full-color change.

Tips for Choosing the Right Highlights

When choosing highlights for your brown curly hair, it is important to consider your skin tone, natural hair color, and the look you want to achieve. Some tips to keep in mind include: - Stick to warm tones that complement your skin tone - Choose highlights that are one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color - Opt for a balayage or ombre technique for a more natural look - Consider using different shades of brown, caramel, or honey for a subtle effect

Trends for Brown Curly Hair with Highlights

In 2023, some of the top trends for brown curly hair with highlights include: - Chunky highlights: This trend involves adding thick, bold highlights to your hair for a statement-making look. - Face-framing highlights: These highlights are strategically placed around your face to add some brightness and definition. - Contrasting highlights: This trend involves using contrasting colors for your highlights, such as blonde or red, to create a bold and eye-catching effect.

Ideas for Brown Curly Hair with Highlights

If you're looking for some inspiration for your brown curly hair with highlights, here are some ideas to consider: - Caramel highlights on dark brown hair: This look involves adding warm caramel highlights to your dark brown curls for a subtle yet stunning effect. - Blonde highlights on light brown hair: If you have naturally light brown hair, adding blonde highlights can help brighten up your curls and add some dimension. - Red highlights on medium brown hair: For a bolder look, consider adding some red highlights to your medium brown curls.


Brown curly hair with highlights is a versatile and stylish hairstyle that can be customized to suit your preferences. With the right tips, trends, and ideas, you can achieve the perfect sun-kissed look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I add highlights to my curly hair at home? A: While it is possible to add highlights to your curly hair at home, it is recommended to go to a professional stylist for best results. Q: How often do I need to touch up my highlights? A: The frequency of touch-ups depends on the type of highlights you have and how fast your hair grows. Generally, highlights need to be touched up every 6-8 weeks. Q: Can I get highlights if I have damaged hair? A: It is best to avoid adding highlights to damaged hair, as it can further damage your hair. It is recommended to first focus on repairing your hair before adding any color. Q: Do I need to use special hair products for my highlighted hair? A: Yes, it is recommended to use hair products specifically designed for colored or highlighted hair to keep your hair healthy and vibrant.
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