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Bubblegum Pink Hair: The Trending Hair Color In 2023

Written by Pauline Lafleur Feb 04, 2023 · 4 min read
Bubblegum Pink Hair: The Trending Hair Color In 2023

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The Rise of Bubblegum Pink Hair

Bubblegum pink hair has been making waves in the hair industry in recent years. This vibrant and playful hair color has become a popular choice for those who want to express their creativity and individuality through their hair. It's a trend that has been seen on the runway, on celebrities, and on everyday people alike. But what exactly is bubblegum pink hair, and why is it so popular?

What is Bubblegum Pink Hair?

Bubblegum pink hair is a bright and bold shade of pink that resembles the color of bubblegum. It's a fun and playful color that can instantly lift your mood and make you feel more confident. This shade of pink can be achieved through a variety of methods, including dyeing your hair with semi-permanent or permanent hair dye, using hair chalk, or wearing a wig or hair extensions.

The Benefits of Bubblegum Pink Hair


One of the biggest benefits of bubblegum pink hair is that it allows you to express yourself in a unique way. Your hair is an extension of your personality, and bubblegum pink hair can show off your playful and creative side.

Low Maintenance

Bubblegum pink hair is surprisingly low maintenance compared to other hair colors. The color fades out gradually, giving you a soft and natural-looking ombre effect. Plus, since pink is a lighter color, it won't show root regrowth as prominently as darker colors.

Compliments All Skin Tones

Bubblegum pink hair complements all skin tones, making it a versatile color choice. It can bring out the warmth in darker skin tones, and it can add a pop of color to lighter skin tones. It's a universally flattering color that anyone can rock.

The Drawbacks of Bubblegum Pink Hair

Damage to Hair

To achieve bubblegum pink hair, you will need to bleach your hair first. Bleaching can be damaging to your hair, especially if you have dark or thick hair. It's important to take proper care of your hair before and after the bleach process to minimize damage.

Not Suitable for All Occasions

Bubblegum pink hair may not be suitable for all occasions, especially if you work in a conservative or professional environment. It's important to consider the dress code and culture of your workplace before dyeing your hair.

Caring for Bubblegum Pink Hair

Use Color-Safe Shampoo

To maintain the vibrancy of your bubblegum pink hair, it's important to use a color-safe shampoo. Regular shampoos can strip the color from your hair, causing it to fade faster.

Avoid Hot Water

Hot water can also cause your hair color to fade faster. To prevent this, avoid washing your hair with hot water. Instead, use lukewarm or cool water to wash and rinse your hair.

Deep Condition Regularly

Bleaching and dyeing your hair can be damaging, so it's important to deep condition your hair regularly to keep it healthy and moisturized. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep your hair soft and shiny.


Can I achieve bubblegum pink hair without bleaching?

It's possible to achieve a slightly lighter shade of pink without bleaching, but bubblegum pink hair requires bleaching to achieve the vibrant and bold color.

How long does bubblegum pink hair last?

The longevity of bubblegum pink hair depends on a variety of factors, such as how often you wash your hair and how well you maintain it. On average, bubblegum pink hair can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks before it starts to fade.

Can I dye my hair bubblegum pink at home?

Yes, you can dye your hair bubblegum pink at home, but it's important to follow the directions on the hair dye carefully. It's also important to do a strand test before dyeing your entire head to ensure that you are happy with the color and that there are no adverse reactions.

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