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The Ultimate Guide To Haircut In Spanish

Written by Mable Stanley Jul 06, 2022 · 3 min read
The Ultimate Guide To Haircut In Spanish

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The Importance of Knowing Haircut in Spanish

If you are planning to visit a Spanish-speaking country or want to communicate with Spanish-speaking clients in your salon, it is crucial to know the right terms for haircut in Spanish. Understanding the vocabulary can help you avoid confusion and miscommunication, leading to a successful haircut experience.

The Basic Haircut Terms in Spanish

Let's start with the basics. Here are some of the most common haircut terms in Spanish: - Corte de pelo: Haircut - Tijeras: Scissors - Peine: Comb - Navaja: Razor - Máquina de cortar pelo: Hair clipper - Flequillo: Bangs - Capas: Layers - Desfilado: Layered cut - Degradado: Graduated cut - Rapado: Buzz cut

Questions and Answers:

1. Q: What is the difference between "corte de pelo" and "peinado"? A: "Corte de pelo" means haircut, while "peinado" means hairstyle or hairdo. 2. Q: How do I ask for a specific haircut in Spanish? A: You can use phrases like "Quiero un corte de pelo corto" (I want a short haircut) or "Me gusta el corte de pelo bob" (I like the bob haircut). 3. Q: Can I use English terms for haircut in Spanish-speaking countries? A: Although some people may understand English terms, it is always better to use the correct Spanish vocabulary to avoid confusion. 4. Q: What should I do if I don't understand the Spanish haircut terms used by the hairdresser? A: You can ask them to explain the meaning or show you a picture to clarify the style you want.

Types of Haircuts in Spanish

Now that you know the basic terms, here are some popular haircut styles in Spanish:

1. Corte de pelo corto

Short haircuts are perfect for those who want a low-maintenance and fresh look. Some popular short haircuts in Spanish include "corte pixie" (pixie cut) and "corte garçon" (boyish cut).

2. Corte de pelo medio

Medium haircuts are versatile and suitable for most face shapes. Some popular medium haircuts in Spanish include "corte bob" (bob haircut) and "corte shaggy" (shaggy cut).

3. Corte de pelo largo

Long haircuts can be elegant and feminine. Some popular long haircuts in Spanish include "corte en capas" (layered cut) and "corte recto" (straight cut).

Tips for Communicating with Spanish-speaking Hairdressers

To avoid miscommunication during your haircut, it's essential to communicate clearly with your hairdresser. Here are some tips: 1. Use the correct haircut terms in Spanish. 2. Bring a picture or show a visual example of the style you want. 3. Ask questions if you don't understand something. 4. Repeat or rephrase what the hairdresser said to ensure you understood correctly.


Knowing the right haircut terms in Spanish can make your salon experience smoother and more enjoyable. Use the basic vocabulary and tips listed above to communicate effectively with your Spanish-speaking hairdresser.
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